Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sick Day:

Guh. Surprise attack cold. I wasn't feeling too great on Saturday and it has just seemed to worsen. I've also been around a TON of kiddos these past few days and as cute as they are, they are total boogery germ-wads. I've been sipping tea to soothe my throat and sucking on a Ricola to suppress my coughing urges. Every hour or so I get up and clean something, but that only lasts about 10 minutes then I have to take a breathing break. SO STUFFY! These rainy days certainly haven't been helping... I'm hoping for a warm sunny weekend. So here's to feeling better *raises giant mug o' tea* !


  1. Hope you're feeling better. This kinda looks like my day yesterday, except the kleenex would be to collect spittle not snot (I had wisdom tooth surgery). good times!


  2. I'm still sick, but at least now, my head isn't so clogged and making me dizzy :/


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