Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad Day:

Yeah, that's a KING SIZE. Don't judge me! It was a KING SIZE bad day. I devoured that whole thing in one sitting, followed by a bowl of Ravoli. Not my proudest moment, but dang! Was it ever delicious. I tried and tried to keep my positive thoughts, but it just wouldn't happen. It's like all the things that have ever annoyed me my whole life happened all at once. GUH. People parked on either side of mine and Chris' driveway so we couldn't get out. We live in an apartment above an office building and have parking lots on either side and PEOPLE CANNOT PARK. Also, my jerk neighbour took his jerk trash out which made his jerk dog follow him and try to gnaw my face off. After I threatened  him, he won the battle by taking the biggest jerk doggy poo EVER on my front step. Yeah. After the jerk neighbour and spawn left, I scooped it up with a stick and flung it back in his yard. Thing is, jerk neighbour watched his jerk dog take his jerk poo and didn't stop it/clean it/apologize or get punched in the face!!! After all of that I had to go to the post office (we all know how much I hate those places) and the postman was the biggest jerk EVER. All I was trying to do was send a package to my friend studying in Italy and he REFUSED. No idea why. I'm pretty sure I could get his lame arse fired for that crap too, but I won't, because I'm sweet like that (jerkwad). I had to drive to the next town to send the package that I could have sent from the office right across the street from my apartment. LAME. Especially since gas is at $3.59 a gallon now, every mile counts. Of course the day was filled with gum poppers/smackers (ugh) and whistlers (UGH) on top of everything else so blegh.

Rant, Rant, Rant.

Kisses&Hugs (meh)

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  1. Aw, so sorry to hear you had a bad day! But, it's Friday! So, turn on some Eisley (always makes me happier!) and just chill this weekend! Love you!


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