Saturday, April 16, 2011

Too many kids...

Last weekend was filled with birthdays! We celebrated my cousins Isaac and Ethan's on Friday night. They are "way too cool" for an actual birthday party so we had cake and ice cream while they opened their gifts. The invited all of their friends over so there were, like, 14 6th grade boys running around. One fell and scraped his knee pretty badly and another puked everywhere while all the others played Halo. That's a pretty good party I'd say.

Then Saturday evening we celebrated my cousin Luke's 3 rd birthday. OMG. There were so many people in that house, it was insane. Kids EVERYWHERE.

It was a Transformer themed party and as you can tell, I could NOT get him to stand still long enough for a picture. With all those toys and balloons? Yeah, it was impossible. Oh and all of the sugar didn't help either. The party was supposed to be outside, but it was basically a monsoon so it was crammed inside until the rain stopped. That's when they head for a giant mud puddle:

Best birthday ever? Pretty close :D


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Horror Flick Friday

This week's horror flick is:

There are 5 main reasons to watch this:

  1. Spiderman 1,2 &3 aside, Sam Raimi is fantastic!!
  2. Majorly gross special effects scenes ...
  3. Alison Lohman is adorbs!
  4. It has some pretty good plot twists ....
  5. At one point there is a demon goat.

Christine (Lohman) is a loan officer who had to make the tough decision to not give a crazy old babushka an extension on her loan. After being denied she gets on her knees and begs Christine, in which she still denies. Humiliated, crazy old babushka lady rips a button off of her coat, mutters nonsensical gibberish and is escorted out of the bank.

'eh shull curz vew!!!!!!

The rest of the flick is filled with cursed Christine seeing some of the craziest, grossest things imaginable all the while trying to get help to rid herself of the curse.

It was shown in 3D so there are a few super lameo moments that were solely placed for the cheesy effect. It has classic Raimi moments, and if you've ever seen the Evil Dead series (If not, BUY IT NOW!!!) you'll know what I'm talking about. Dancing demons and demon goats? Fantastic.

 Also, just thought this was kind of funny:


30 Day Challenge #11

Put your iPod on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that pop up:

So I skipped #10. I have a few photos to scan for that one so I'll post it later. I had a first generation video iPod and I loved it so so much. I bought it on my 19th birthday and it died last summer. It lasted 4 years. It is completely dead, yet I can't get rid of it. I had kept the original box so I just put it back in there. It's birth place and final resting place all in one. So sad. I got an iPhone 3GS a little over a year ago and I've just been using that.

So here are my 10 songs:

  1. Reach Out  by Stretch Arm Strong
  2. Play the Game by Queen
  3. Turn On Me by The Shins
  4. Dear Live Journal by Evergreen Terrace
  5. Mysteries by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  6. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
  7. Don't Let Me Down by No Doubt
  8. War Child by The Cranberries
  9. Bootylicious by Destiny's Child
  10. Pioneers by Bloc Party

I wonder what this is supposed to say about me...? I guess that I have an odd taste in music. I like everything. I really do. I go through phases as well, where I will spend a month listening to the same CD over and over. Lately it's been The Distillers. They are just so good AND crazy. So you there you have it :D


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Declaring Braless Wednesdays!

I know, I know. We can't go braless every Wednesday, but wouldn't it be nice? I woke up this morning with a stomach bug and tried to do the lady-like thing and wear a little make-up and put some decent clothes on. Then I though, "why?" I'm sick and I'm still trying to do what "you're supposed to do." I was raised that way and now I just don't wanna. Then I got to thinking about all of these "rules" that women are supposed to follow. Ugh, why? Wearing nice clothes and make-up should never be a chore, they should be fun! Let's keep this in mind and enjoy a day here and there just being our beautiful selves. 

Oh& gravity can suck it.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge #9

How do you hope your future will be like:

Hm, my future. Well I have way too many things to say about my hope for the future so I'll just stick to the next 5 years. This summer the hubs and I will be moving back to GA, so I'm hoping to find a comfortable apartment close to potential jobs and close to future schools. During the first 9 months we won't be able to start school, because we don't count as in state until we file taxes. The plan is to work as much as we can and save for school. We also want to pay off the small debt we have. By the next NEXT fall semester I hope to be in school and finally work my way to graduating. FINALLY. Once down there I hope to find a job that I really enjoy. Money has never been a big deal to me, but as long as I have enough to survive, I'm good. I've always wanted to be a make-up counter girl. I know that's not a "worthy" aspiration, but it's just one of those small things I've always wanted to do. I'm thinking Ulta or Sephora, maybe a counter in a department store. I'd love to have that job. I'd even love to work there while in school. I may eventually get a salon job, but I'd have to wait a few months while my license is transferred. I know for a fact that Chris and I will be a lot happier there, away from snow and loud redneck trucks. I look forward to making new friends and seeing my favourite bands perform. There are just so many things to look forward to!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Modcloth Love #2

This, to me, is the perfect outfit:


NEED this dress!

Isn't this adorable?

I love this entire outfit! I think I'll be adding these to my birthday list. I've really been into browns and yellows lately. I've always loved the color yellow, but long ago my Grandma told me to never wear it because it makes me look ill. It has taken me years to toss that comment out of my head and branch out. Now? I can't get enough. It's such a fun and happy colour! I mean, it is the colour of sunshine!!


1 2 3

Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge #8

A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life: 

My wedding day. As soon as I said "I do." I know that it sounds cheesy and very chickish, but I can't even put into words how happy I became on this day. My heart starts pounding just thinking about it. I am so unbelievably lucky to have found someone as wonderful as he is. I truly believe that God has made a person for each of us, it's just up to us to recognize when we meet that person. My wedding day was one of the happiest, scariest, busiest, hungriest days of my life. The day was perfect. The weather was perfect. My dress was perfect. Chris was perfect. Only after dating Chris for 6 months, I knew that he was the love of my life. When he's stressed, I'm calm. When I'm stressed, he's calm. We have so many of the same interests and still have our own identities that compliment each other. I learn new things from him everyday as well as grow to love him even more everyday. I didn't even think that was possible. I did know that without a doubt, no matter what our future has in store for us, we will have a neverending love.


Friday, April 1, 2011

What to do on a Friday night ....

There is nothing to do in this tiny town. Seriously. On top of it being the most boring place ever, it has been raining for WEEKS. That means Chris and I can't take our 4 mile walks anymore. Those were the best. My legs felt amazing afterward, like I could kick through Jackie Chan. I worked today and ran errands. After going to the bank Chris and I decided to grab a pizza. Woohoo, that's how fun our Friday's are. I did manage to get a lot of organizing done. All that's left is the evil dreaded bathroom and the T.V. room needs to be de-cluttered. I did come to a startling realization:

I am a Converse junkie. Those blue ones you see were my wedding shoes. They actually say Bride on the back of them. They were my something bluuuuuuuue! So I have about 10 pairs. That's a problem.

My hubs gave me little presents:

Isn't he the sweetest?! Sorry about the glare of my phone cover on my Joker bobble case. He's so adorably crazy. He sits on my dresser and watches me apply my make-up. That's how boring it is in this town. I go crazy with boredom and talk to bobble heads. I'm insane. On that note, nighty night!!


30 Day Challenge #7

What is your zodiac sign and do you think it fits your personality?

"Taurus is determined and peaceful. Although you are not a leader, you will recognize someone with great leadership qualities and follow them. You try to remain the same as everyone else, and are resistant to change. People will enjoy you because you have a good sense of humor and are intelligent. You are a dependable friend who is not scared off by a challenge. You may believe so strongly in your values that you will sacrifice relationships to uphold them. Some Taureans need to be told that they did a good job after accomplishing a task before they feel that they have really accomplished anything. Your friends are people in the same social standing as you, and you rarely go outside of that standing. Although you are calm and generally against fighting, you will fight if someone is provoking you. Your temper tends to explode in violent bursts that are not always directed at the person they should be."

Well my husband can attest to my exploding temper. I don't usually get angry, but when I do ..... HULK SMASH! I have thrown a computer mouse, thrown a cell phone and kicked a box fan. Those were my "violent" moments. Chris is good to let me rant, so I can yell all that I'm feeling and he knows that it's not directed at him. I do have strong beliefs and I have given up relationships for them. It was always because it was a negative relationship and life is too short to spend it with those who drag you down. I have a lot of acquaintances and friends, but few very close friends. I prefer it that way. Contrary to what is said, I have found myself in several leadership positions. I like being in charge, but I am the kind of person who knows when to step down. I can see myself as a peaceful person. I do try and keep the peace, I'm not one for drama. That's where a lot of those negative relationships go kaput. I don't feel that I need approval to feel accomplished. Everyone likes a kind word and/or compliment, but I don't strive for them. I learned long ago to make yourself feel happy and accomplished and not to rely on others. You don't need others approval if you approve of yourself. I don't feel the need to be like everyone else. I am entirely myself and am not opposed to change. I guess I could say it mostly fits my personality.


Horror Flick Friday

This week's horror flick is:

The story centers around a social worker named Emily (Zellweger) who loves to help children in need. Overloaded at work, she is given just one more case ....Case 39 (Yay! The title is relevant!) She is set on helping Case 39, a shy, quiet girl named Lilly (Jodelle Ferland) who may not be so shy in the end and rather a demon from Hell.

The actress Jodelle Ferland, is truly fantastic. If you're a horror flick fan (or gamer) you might recognize her from Silent Hill, yet another creepy flick full of freaky twitches. Oh& for those of you who scan the flicks for hot guys before watching: Bradley Cooper is in the role of Doug, Satan girl's psychiatrist and he's cute? (If you're into woman eyes ....)

All in all I'd say you should definitely give it a watch. It does have quite a few jumpy moments as well as some pretty awesome wounds. It's not gory, so if you have a sensitive tum-tum, you can get through it. Maybe... you pansy .... 

Oh& is it just or does anyone else think that Zellweger could be an alien?


1 2 3 4

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad Day:

Yeah, that's a KING SIZE. Don't judge me! It was a KING SIZE bad day. I devoured that whole thing in one sitting, followed by a bowl of Ravoli. Not my proudest moment, but dang! Was it ever delicious. I tried and tried to keep my positive thoughts, but it just wouldn't happen. It's like all the things that have ever annoyed me my whole life happened all at once. GUH. People parked on either side of mine and Chris' driveway so we couldn't get out. We live in an apartment above an office building and have parking lots on either side and PEOPLE CANNOT PARK. Also, my jerk neighbour took his jerk trash out which made his jerk dog follow him and try to gnaw my face off. After I threatened  him, he won the battle by taking the biggest jerk doggy poo EVER on my front step. Yeah. After the jerk neighbour and spawn left, I scooped it up with a stick and flung it back in his yard. Thing is, jerk neighbour watched his jerk dog take his jerk poo and didn't stop it/clean it/apologize or get punched in the face!!! After all of that I had to go to the post office (we all know how much I hate those places) and the postman was the biggest jerk EVER. All I was trying to do was send a package to my friend studying in Italy and he REFUSED. No idea why. I'm pretty sure I could get his lame arse fired for that crap too, but I won't, because I'm sweet like that (jerkwad). I had to drive to the next town to send the package that I could have sent from the office right across the street from my apartment. LAME. Especially since gas is at $3.59 a gallon now, every mile counts. Of course the day was filled with gum poppers/smackers (ugh) and whistlers (UGH) on top of everything else so blegh.

Rant, Rant, Rant.

Kisses&Hugs (meh)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge #6

Write 30 interesting facts about yourself:

1. I hate Mayonnaise.
2. I sleep with a stuffed pup named Caesar:
3. I have 9 tattoos and 6 piercings.
4. I have 3 favourite colours: orange, purple and yellow.
5. I am addicted to ice cream.
6. I'm a huge Star Trek/Star Wars nerd (Yes, you CAN like both!)
 7. My favourite animal is a piggy.
8. I always think that there are monsters under my bed. I seriously cannot walk past it without a light on.
9. I hate spiders and any bug that hops (grasshoppers, crickets ....)
10. I am obsessed with musicals.
11. My first concert was 'Nsync (Yeah, I know, but I effing loved them!)
12. I have BFF tattoos with my BFF Anna <3
Mine is the orange one on the right <3

13. I have a huge crush on Masi Oka: 
14. I had braces for 6 years :'(
15. I have had my hair every color under the sun.
16. I think that stained plasticware is one of the grossest things ever.
17. My favourite band is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs:
18. I'm a giant Warhol fan. I love everything about him. I have my favourite daisy tattooed on my upper arm:
19. I listen to Frank Sinatra all day on his birthday every year.
20. My favourite cartoons are Scooby-Doo and The Jetsons:
Total fashionista babes!

21. I always have my toes painted. ALWAYS.
22. I'm originally from WV, but I call GA home.
23. I think Elvis is one of the sexiest men to ever live:

24. My favourite Pokemon is a Zubat:

25. I think beards are super sexy.
26. I own more horror flicks than any other genre.
27. When I was 7 I wanted to grow up to be an opera singer.
28. Artie is my favourite Glee character.
29. I hate Kool-Aid. Once when I was younger my family went on a picnic and a bunch of ants got into my cup and I took a sip only to realize I had dead ants all in my mouth (you may induce vomiting now) and I haven't been able to drink any flavour since.
30. I broke my leg  when I was 4. A neighbour girl accidentally hit me on her bicycle while I was picking buttercups.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Outfit #1

I rarely buy things brand new, I'm definitely a thrifter and a Goodwill shopper. I love piecing together random things that I find and making them my own. This isn't a "style blog," but I've decided to post a few pictures of my favourite outfits from time to time. I am not a photographer and most of my pictures are taken with a little Nikon Coolpix and/or my iPhone so don't expect anything magical.

I was feeling super girly today so I added some flowers and pink lace and I turned into a TWIRLY girly girl. So twirly. Everything I'm wearing in the photos is second-hand:

Cardigan: Goodwill $3.50
    Lace slip dress: Goodwill $4
Brown mini-skirt: Gifted
Pink dress shoes: $2.50
That's a $10 outfit!



This was my unholy list for the day, and I actually got most of it done!

I'm hoping to get Chris' car cleaned tomorrow after work. Then maybe he won't completely trash it? Pft. It was actually nice out and I was hoping to take our walk, but we both got caught up in other things. I swear, laundry is never ending. I finally finished it up about an hour ago. It took ALL day! Now I have the time to finally do # 7.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge #5

A time when you thought about ending your own life:

I can honestly say that I have never given this serious thought. Even in the worst of times, when I really couldn't imagine any future, I never considered suicide an option.  Most of the close friends I have know about the insanity that is my family and all the bad times in my past. They were hard to overcome and have definitely left me a little damaged, but I can only look up. There is just too much unknown out there. There are so many things to see and do, so many great people to meet. I could never give that up. No matter the situation, things ALWAYS get better. It may take a while, guh, it took years for me, but it will happen and you will be a much stronger person in the end. So I encourage you, if you've ever been in a situation where you really felt like there was nothing left for you, nothing to live for, PLEASE talk to someone. There is always someone who genuinely cares for you and will talk with you. I may not personally know you, but I can honestly say that I love you and you do have a purpose in this world. I want you to stand tall and know that you are AMAZING. You are worth love and a great life!


Sick Day:

Guh. Surprise attack cold. I wasn't feeling too great on Saturday and it has just seemed to worsen. I've also been around a TON of kiddos these past few days and as cute as they are, they are total boogery germ-wads. I've been sipping tea to soothe my throat and sucking on a Ricola to suppress my coughing urges. Every hour or so I get up and clean something, but that only lasts about 10 minutes then I have to take a breathing break. SO STUFFY! These rainy days certainly haven't been helping... I'm hoping for a warm sunny weekend. So here's to feeling better *raises giant mug o' tea* !

Sweet Treat Tuesday!

Blueberry Crumb Pie!
You will need:
  • 3 to 4 cups of blueberries
  • 7 Tbls corn starch
  • 3 Tbls of grape juice
  • 2/3 cup of sugar
1. Using a 9 inch pie plate, line the bottom with your crust. You can buy pre-made or make your own .
2. After having rinsed and picked through your berries, pour them onto the pie crust.
3. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until it's almost like a syrup. (I added a little cinnamon to mine)
4. Then pour over your berries. Make sure to try and get evenly spread throughout.

Now to make the crumb topping! You will need: 
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of flour
  • 1/4 cup of butter  
Combine all in a bowl and mix it up. At first it can be a little sticky and if that's the case just add a little corn starch. I found it best to mix with my hands, it is also easier to crumble on top of the pie. Nevermind if it still stays a little goopy, it will bake deliciously :D

Bake the pie at 375 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour. Let cool and enjoy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 goals, so far ....

Remember this?

1. Gather all my books and pack my dresses and get my move on back to my home in the dirty south! It has been an unusual experience living in WV for these past almost 3 years, but now I am oh so ready to go. I've learned a lot and am thankful to a lot of people. I've gained an education with a certification (Eeee! I <3 rhymes)

2. Get my septum pierced. This is kind of a lame goal, but I have wanted to do this since I was 15 years old. I've always been afraid to do it ...It'll hurt, I don't have the right nose for it, what would my Dad say? All of these have prevented me since 18. Well, I'm 23 now and I still want the piercing so I'm going for it!

3. GROW OUT MY HAIR! I've been trying this one for ages. I even had it past my shoulders at one point then lopped it off into fauxhawk. I always love my fauxhawk for about 2 weeks then it starts to grow out and look absolutely ridiculous. As of now it's resting on my shoulders. Going strong! No fauxhawk urges! :D

4. Stick to my work out routine! I'm usually so good about it for a month or so then I skip a day ...then maybe another day then I'm only working out 2 days a week and that just won't do. Fortunately, I've always been a healthy eater so that has benefited me a great deal. Just gotta keep workin' on my fitness.


6. Go hiking more this year. My husband Chris and I have hiked only a few times since moving up to the mountains and I know once we're back in the big 'ol city we'll regret not seeing more trails. I love hiking and have about 3 spots I want to see before the big move. Got my boots by the door waitin' for a warm sunny day! (yeah, right. ew, winter)

7. Take more cooking adventures! Now, I can bake, and not to toot my own horn, but I've become pretty darn good at it (toot toot). I want to try more intricate "real food" recipes. Good thing I've got a decent sized kitchen, a super sweet husband who will lie to me and tell me my food is scrumptious and my Mom's old cookbooks! :) Let the feast begin!

8. Be a better long distance bff. I know that mi amigas have a lot going on in their lives as well as I do, but letters are a must! I love writing them, even if it's just a silly poem about a unicorn or what I have just said to them on the phone. It's better on paper. They know I love and adore each and everyone of them (at least, I hope they do <3) but I need to display it more. 

It's a week shy of two months into the new year, so let's see how I'm doing.

1. That is one I have to wait on. Chris and I have been looking at apartments online until we can get our butts down to GA and go on a real apartment hunt. We've been saving all of our extra for the big move and have even started a moving box collection that is kind of eating half of the apartment. When I look around though, we really don't have that much to move. I expect that this venture will be a snap.

2. Done and done! I finally did it and I LOVE IT! I always turn it up when I am around family though because I just don't want to have to hear how they think this or that. I wish they'd kind of shut up :D

3. Well I am still growing my hair out. It was barely resting on my shoulders when I decided that I needed to trim it, and I really did need a trim. Unfortunately, the lady I went to decided that I needed a cute lil' bob, only it wasn't cute. Ugh. I'm still growing it out and working on it. I've been using some excellent shampoo and have been doing conditioning treatments when needed and I have to say, this is the healthiest my hair has ever been. So, I guess this goal is a year long one.

4. Okay, my work-out routine. It's not every day like I planned, but it is going really well. I can even feel a difference already. My body feels tighter and toner and my eating habits (although have always been pretty good) have improved even more and Chris and I have found so many new recipes, that HE ACTUALLY LIKES!

5. Still on a quest.

6. It's still pretty cold out, but on nice days Chris and I are sure to take our 4 mile walk around the town. Sounds kind of painful, but it is the perfect amount up level, uphill and downhill. I love our walks!

7. I have been doing A LOT more cooking and baking, but this is yet another year long goal.

8. I feel like I have improved tremendously. I've been writing a lot more letters and FB chatting and commenting and messaging .... I still totally <3 snail mail and I have been sending more, so I guess I'm doing well with this one too? I guess it's really up to my long distance buddies. So how am I doing? :D

Kisses&Hugs, Tiffany

30 Day Challenge #4

What are your views on religion? 

I myself, believe in God. I was raised in Church and even went to a private Christian high school. There were times when I was so entirely sick of having all of this religion crammed down my throat that I honestly just didn't care. I still believed in God, but stopped going to so many church services. You need a break sometimes to rediscover why you do the things you do. It refreshes you. I mean, church on Sunday mornings and evenings, church Wednesday evenings, bible class 2 days a week, chapel service on Wednesdays and all of the bible studies every day in between is a little tiring after a while. I still go to church, but when I feel that I need a break I take one. I read my bible at home, I pray. I'm not one of those holy rollers who think that everyone is doomed to Hell unless we're in church every time the doors are open. I think religion is something that everyone should discover on their own. Growing up I had many friends of different religions, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness .... They were all very open-minded people and were really great people to have had the pleasure of a friendship with. I learned so much from them and them from me. I think that no matter your religion, your views, it is so important to educate yourself on every religion out there, if not because you're questioning your own, but to defend what you believe as well. Know why you believe what you believe! Be able to explain it to someone who may have questions, we can all learn so much from each other, and believe it or not, we can all live together in peace. It can happen. People just need to learn to be understanding and tolerant, and that certainly goes for Christianity as well. I don't call myself a Christian, just because of the stigma that comes along with it. I do not hate others for being different than me. I do not hold myself above them. I am a firm believer that we all have our right to choose our way to live and even from a biblical stand-point, we all have free will. I would never stop a person's right to choose. I may not march for certain protests because I personally do not support, but that's the point of it all, a life style is a personal choice.

Kisses& Hugs, Tiffany

Horror Flick Friday

It's a bit of an understatement to say that George A. Romero is somewhat of a zombie expert, I mean he is the FIRST to delve into that genre of ultimate horror. He's kind of my hero. We owe all we have on modern zombies to this genius:

This weeks horror flick is:

Most of you, I'm sure, are familiar with the most recent rendition from 2004. It was good, I liked it, but nothing can touch Romero's original from 1978. I am IN LOVE with special effects make-up. This flick is nothing but! Lots of oozy blood and guts, brains and severed arms ....It's fantastic. The flick starts in a news studio in the middle of the chaos, so you're just thrown into it. Makes it even better. Like the most recent, it centers around a group of people trying to evade hordes of brain eating zombies, so of course, they end up in a mall. From there, it goes downhill with lots of zombie attacks and horrible deaths.

I highly recommend you watch the original first then the most recent. It's kind of amazing to see how far horror has come over the decades. And yes, I do realize that in the original they all seem to be wearing Noxzema masks. They have to do something to try and keep their skin moisturized. 

Also, this is very important! Aim for the head.

Kisses&Hugs, Tiffany

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Treat Tuesday!

I'm normally not a big Valentine's Day celebrator, but this year I went a little crazy. The Hubs and I always celebrate with a nice dinner and the exchange of small gifts, nothing to fancy, and that's the way we like it. We save bigger celebrations for birthdays (I'm REALLY into big birthday celebrations). So when I got the itch to bake, I baked ALL DAY!

These are heart-shaped raspberry tarts! They're cute AND tasty and they were fun to make. Here's what I did:

 *First I made the filling so I could have it cooling while I made the pie crusts.
  1. You'll need 1 cup of whatever fruit you'd like (I used raspberries).
  2. Pit the fruit if needed.
  3. Combine (with fruit) 3 tbls of sugar, 2 tbls of water, 2 tbls of cornstarch, 1/4 tsp of almond extract in a medium sauce pan and bring to a boil.
  4. Make sure to stir, stir, stir!
  5. Once it is brought to a boil immediately turn it to low and keep stirring. At this time makes sure the fruit is somewhat liquefied.
  6. Remove from stove and allow to cool. (After stirring and stirring mine, I put it in the fridge).
  7. Now your filling is complete!   
Now for the pie crusts! I was going to make it easier on myself by buying pre-made crusts (Hey! Ain't no shame!), but unfortunately the closest store is 30 minutes away and I just didn't feel like leaving my apartment, so I made it from scratch.

Now that you have made/opened your crusts, lay flat and make any shape you want! I had a old, old Wilton heart-shaped cookie cutter from ages ago so I used that! Don't have any shapes? Just cut them into little squares! They're still going to be super yummy!

After I had paired up all of pie crust hearts (They're so in luuuurrrrve!), I fetched the raspberry deliciousness from the fridge and dabbled just a tad in the center on one little heart. I then took the other, laid it on top and pressed the edges together with a fork. Now it will get messy and frankly with dark red raspberry sauce it somewhat looks like a valentine's massacre, just be careful not to smoosh all the sauce out by slowly pressing the VERY edges.

  • Note: The sauce may not be as thick as you'd like, just add cornstarch and stir. You can add as much as you feel you need, it'll still taste delicious!
  • Note: If ya want to, you can always add some yummy glaze to the tarts! 

Now, are you ready for an even easier treat recipe? I mean, it's a piece of cake. Well actually, easier than that. Here's what you'll need:
  • Milk, dark or white chocolate to melt.
  • Peanut butter
  • Mini-cupcake liners
  • Sprinkles!
*Here's what I did:
  1. I heated up the chocolate in the microwave, to me it's harder to scorch that way.
  2. I placed the mini-cupcake liners in my mini-muffin pan to keep them sturdy.
  3. I then filled the papers just enough to cover the bottom.
  4. I let them cool.
  5. I then placed a dollop of peanut butter in the center of each.
  6. I finished them by filling them to the top while making sure the sides of the peanut butter were full as well.
  7. Then? Get your sprinkle on and let them cool!

Kisses&Hugs, Tiffany!
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