Sunday, January 2, 2011

What rhymes with 2011?

It's a brand new year and a brand new start. I'm so excited for the future and can't wait to see my plans and goals come to life. Those of you who know me can validate my love for lists and goals. I make them daily, weekly, monthly, yearly ... It just feels so good to have a list of cross offs. Here's to a fantastic year for all!

Here are a few of my 2011 goals:

1. Gather all my books and pack my dresses and get my move on back to my home in the dirty south! It has been an unusual experience living in WV for these past almost 3 years, but now I am oh so ready to go. I've learned a lot and am thankful to a lot of people. I've gained an education with a certification (Eeee! I <3 rhymes)

2. Get my septum pierced. This is kind of a lame goal, but I have wanted to do this since I was 15 years old. I've always been afraid to do it ...It'll hurt, I don't have the right nose for it, what would my Dad say? All of these have prevented me since 18. Well, I'm 23 now and I still want the piercing so I'm going for it!

3. GROW OUT MY HAIR! I've been trying this one for ages. I even had it past my shoulders at one point then lopped it off into fauxhawk. I always love my fauxhawk for about 2 weeks then it starts to grow out and look absolutely ridiculous. As of now it's resting on my shoulders. Going strong! No fauxhawk urges! :D

4. Stick to my work out routine! I'm usually so good about it for a month or so then I skip a day ...then maybe another day then I'm only working out 2 days a week and that just won't do. Fortunately, I've always been a healthy eater so that has benefited me a great deal. Just gotta keep workin' on my fitness.


6. Go hiking more this year. My husband Chris and I have hiked only a few times since moving up to the mountains and I know once we're back in the big 'ol city we'll regret not seeing more trails. I love hiking and have about 3 spots I want to see before the big move. Got my boots by the door waitin' for a warm sunny day! (yeah, right. ew, winter)

7. Take more cooking adventures! Now, I can bake, and not to toot my own horn, but I've become pretty darn good at it (toot toot). I want to try more intricate "real food" recipes. Good thing I've got a decent sized kitchen, a super sweet husband who will lie to me and tell me my food is scrumptious and my Mom's old cookbooks! :) Let the feast begin!

8. Be a better long distance bff. I know that mi amigas have a lot going on in their lives as well as I do, but letters are a must! I love writing them, even if it's just a silly poem about a unicorn or what I have just said to them on the phone. It's better on paper. They know I love and adore each and everyone of them (at least, I hope they do <3) but I need to display it more.

Kisses&Hugs, Tiffany

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