Sunday, January 23, 2011

Silly sissy sleepover

This weekend was filled with lots of family time. Saturday evening I picked up my little sisters for a sissy sleep over. The night was filled with make-up, hair curling, Disney princess movies and baking. As soon as they hit the door, they went straight for my closet and each picked out a pair of heels. How cute is that? They're such little priss pots. I had some pizza rolls ready for them so while they ate and played Cooking Mama on our Wii, I got all the baking things set up. While it was baking we did the hair and make-up. As if the shoes didn't make them prissy enough ...

Once the cake was out of the oven and cooling, we decided to make some Play-Doh popcorn. The quickly lead to nail painting and trying on all of my dresses. Then it was finally time to decorate the cake.

 As you can see, they had to add every sprinkle ever on this cake.

The night ended with lots of cuddles, popcorn (actual, not Play-Doh) and a Rainbow Brite movie! I love these little sisters of mine! <3

Kisses&Hugs, Tiffany


  1. You're my new hero, Tiffany! Best Big Sister EVA!

  2. Awww! Next time I'll teleport you up here so you can stay too! :)


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