Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge #1

Describe your current relationship status: 

I am taken forever! I'll start from the beginning. Eighteen and fresh out of high school I decided to take my first year off and work before starting college. I got my first official job at Blockbuster in August after frolicking June and July away. My Dad was very strict during my high school years and wanted me to solely concentrate on school work instead of an after school job. I was very nervous at my first job, but got comfortable quite quickly. I met a lot of good friends and a few crazy people, but hey, at least they were entertaining. Every now and then one of my friends would stop by on my lunch break to visit. Katie was the lucky one on that early January day in 2006. The Blockbuster where I worked was at the end of a Publix Supermarket shopping center, so we headed up to grab some eats. I was on a quest for Pizza Rolls, but for some reason I walked through the produce section. There he was, in his adorable Publix uniform, his cute Paul McCartney hair, stocking bananas. After Katie and I managed to giggle away from his cuteness we got our items and proceeded to the check out line and there was Dawn. Dawn was the lovliest (and loudest AND nosiest) of cashiers so of course she asked me about boys. I knew her from my parents' religious grocery shopping there as well as from when I had a job bagging groceries for a few months. I told her about the inevitable creepiness that is (age appropriate) Blockbuster customers and revealed that I hadn't any luck in that area. Before we left I did manage to blurt out that I thought the produce guy was hot. Questions bombarded me from all around. "What's he look like?" "Who?" Yada yada yada .... I described him and you know what? Turns out his sister was the one placing my Pizza Rolls in a bag. Can you say embarrassed? Yeah. Katie blurted that I would be at work Blockbuster until 11 p.m. and that they should send him down to "check me out." I didn't think that was going to happen.

A lunch break and a few customers later, you wouldn't believe who hit the door. Mr. Produce Guy, Hot Guy, Banana Boy ...(there were many nicknames ...) Christopher, the cute guy from Publix. Of course I hid. Then as he was walking around the store I pretended to scan DVD's while my co-worker Jamie (love you girl!) filled me in. No words were spoken that night.

A few days later I got a friend request on Myspace. (ahhh myspace, where would we have gotten without you) from ....BANANA BOY!!! Of course I totally accepted. Messages, comments, instant messaging, finally lead to phone calls which lead to our first date! We arranged it on a Tuesday for that Friday, then I didn't hear from him. I seriously thought I had gotten stood up! Then 9.00 p.m., an hour before we were to meet for a movie he called. My heart jumped out of my chest. Seriously, I had to track it down and put it back in while in giddy girl mode. Not an easy task, and it went from there. A few dates after, on January 28th 2006 we made in official. Boyfriend and girlfriend. We said our I love you's in May and started college together that August. By that next May we were engaged. He asked me on 5/6/07, isn't that cute? We moved in together summer of 2007 and were finally married on June 6th 2009. The craziest part about it, we literally lived 2 miles away from each other for over 10 years. We went to the same high school, had the same friends, even worked at the SAME grocery store and we had never met until that night. I went to the supermarket for some Pizza Rolls and came out with the love of my life. I have a few pictures to post, but sadly I don't have any from the beginning. Someone broke into his car and stole his phone and laptop which had all of the pictures, so the ones you'll see are from when we moved in together to now.

This is one of the first pictures of us together in our first apartment. It was during phase1 of my fauxhawk days and was taken by my friend Dani. We lived in a ghetto complex next to the Mall of Georgia and suffered never ending traffic.
This is us goofing around while preparing for our Halloween party.
Valentine's Day 2009
This is from my 23rd birthday in May 2009.
This is from our Wedding Day June 6th, 2009  
 This is from the top of the Empire State Building during our New York honeymoon

These are from the kid's petting zoo in Central Park.
This was from an Autumn Festival in Rich Creek, VA.
Halloween 2009
Goofing around at Best Buy 2010
Our 1 year Wedding Anniversary 2010
Kissy kissy! 2010
Halloween 2010

I don't have too many recent pictures of us together because it's usually one of us behind the camera. I don't even think that I have any pictures of us together in 2008. At least I can't find any. Meh, here's to forcing friends and strangers to take our picture!

Kisses&Hugs, Tiffany


  1. This is so adorable! Love the photos and your story is so cute! :D Eep!

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous couple! This post made me smile.

  3. Aww!
    This is just lovely!



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