Saturday, April 16, 2011

Too many kids...

Last weekend was filled with birthdays! We celebrated my cousins Isaac and Ethan's on Friday night. They are "way too cool" for an actual birthday party so we had cake and ice cream while they opened their gifts. The invited all of their friends over so there were, like, 14 6th grade boys running around. One fell and scraped his knee pretty badly and another puked everywhere while all the others played Halo. That's a pretty good party I'd say.

Then Saturday evening we celebrated my cousin Luke's 3 rd birthday. OMG. There were so many people in that house, it was insane. Kids EVERYWHERE.

It was a Transformer themed party and as you can tell, I could NOT get him to stand still long enough for a picture. With all those toys and balloons? Yeah, it was impossible. Oh and all of the sugar didn't help either. The party was supposed to be outside, but it was basically a monsoon so it was crammed inside until the rain stopped. That's when they head for a giant mud puddle:

Best birthday ever? Pretty close :D


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