Friday, April 1, 2011

Horror Flick Friday

This week's horror flick is:

The story centers around a social worker named Emily (Zellweger) who loves to help children in need. Overloaded at work, she is given just one more case ....Case 39 (Yay! The title is relevant!) She is set on helping Case 39, a shy, quiet girl named Lilly (Jodelle Ferland) who may not be so shy in the end and rather a demon from Hell.

The actress Jodelle Ferland, is truly fantastic. If you're a horror flick fan (or gamer) you might recognize her from Silent Hill, yet another creepy flick full of freaky twitches. Oh& for those of you who scan the flicks for hot guys before watching: Bradley Cooper is in the role of Doug, Satan girl's psychiatrist and he's cute? (If you're into woman eyes ....)

All in all I'd say you should definitely give it a watch. It does have quite a few jumpy moments as well as some pretty awesome wounds. It's not gory, so if you have a sensitive tum-tum, you can get through it. Maybe... you pansy .... 

Oh& is it just or does anyone else think that Zellweger could be an alien?


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