Thursday, April 7, 2011

Horror Flick Friday

This week's horror flick is:

There are 5 main reasons to watch this:

  1. Spiderman 1,2 &3 aside, Sam Raimi is fantastic!!
  2. Majorly gross special effects scenes ...
  3. Alison Lohman is adorbs!
  4. It has some pretty good plot twists ....
  5. At one point there is a demon goat.

Christine (Lohman) is a loan officer who had to make the tough decision to not give a crazy old babushka an extension on her loan. After being denied she gets on her knees and begs Christine, in which she still denies. Humiliated, crazy old babushka lady rips a button off of her coat, mutters nonsensical gibberish and is escorted out of the bank.

'eh shull curz vew!!!!!!

The rest of the flick is filled with cursed Christine seeing some of the craziest, grossest things imaginable all the while trying to get help to rid herself of the curse.

It was shown in 3D so there are a few super lameo moments that were solely placed for the cheesy effect. It has classic Raimi moments, and if you've ever seen the Evil Dead series (If not, BUY IT NOW!!!) you'll know what I'm talking about. Dancing demons and demon goats? Fantastic.

 Also, just thought this was kind of funny:


1 comment:

  1. I love Alison Lohman! I can't sit through horror flicks though. Except for really old black and white ones. Like The Devil and Daniel Webster. And even those make me squeamish.

    "I have just met you and I love you!"


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