Friday, April 1, 2011

What to do on a Friday night ....

There is nothing to do in this tiny town. Seriously. On top of it being the most boring place ever, it has been raining for WEEKS. That means Chris and I can't take our 4 mile walks anymore. Those were the best. My legs felt amazing afterward, like I could kick through Jackie Chan. I worked today and ran errands. After going to the bank Chris and I decided to grab a pizza. Woohoo, that's how fun our Friday's are. I did manage to get a lot of organizing done. All that's left is the evil dreaded bathroom and the T.V. room needs to be de-cluttered. I did come to a startling realization:

I am a Converse junkie. Those blue ones you see were my wedding shoes. They actually say Bride on the back of them. They were my something bluuuuuuuue! So I have about 10 pairs. That's a problem.

My hubs gave me little presents:

Isn't he the sweetest?! Sorry about the glare of my phone cover on my Joker bobble case. He's so adorably crazy. He sits on my dresser and watches me apply my make-up. That's how boring it is in this town. I go crazy with boredom and talk to bobble heads. I'm insane. On that note, nighty night!!



  1. What would you do on Friday nights if you had more options? I'm personally a homebody most of the time, so I'm curious to hear your view.

    Also, what is the problem with owning ten pairs of converse? I fail to see anything wrong with this (hee hee).

    Your husband is so sweet!

  2. Thanks!! He really is so so sweet.

    I like having nights at home, but having been living here for 3 years, I'm tired of my nights in. We haven't gotten to do hardly anything since living here. We haven't had a single night with friends up here, because we have no friends here. There isn't a single person who shares any common interests with us. We miss going to shows and concerts. I miss the diversity. I miss all the art and music that is everywhere to be found. There is nothing here. We have a tiny mall and that's it. I wish there were more things to do, but all people want to do here is watch/play football ...or talk about football. It's all football. Gag.

  3. That is so sad. I can't imagine living like that for so long. I have family in a town JUST like that in Alabama. I'm happy you're moving back :)

  4. Me too! Can't wait to be back in GA!! <3


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