Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge #5

A time when you thought about ending your own life:

I can honestly say that I have never given this serious thought. Even in the worst of times, when I really couldn't imagine any future, I never considered suicide an option.  Most of the close friends I have know about the insanity that is my family and all the bad times in my past. They were hard to overcome and have definitely left me a little damaged, but I can only look up. There is just too much unknown out there. There are so many things to see and do, so many great people to meet. I could never give that up. No matter the situation, things ALWAYS get better. It may take a while, guh, it took years for me, but it will happen and you will be a much stronger person in the end. So I encourage you, if you've ever been in a situation where you really felt like there was nothing left for you, nothing to live for, PLEASE talk to someone. There is always someone who genuinely cares for you and will talk with you. I may not personally know you, but I can honestly say that I love you and you do have a purpose in this world. I want you to stand tall and know that you are AMAZING. You are worth love and a great life!



  1. I feel the same way; it just seems as though you're not giving life the chance to get better. It's really no solution at all, no matter how you look at it. Great post, and great thoughts. :)

  2. lovely, uplifting post. well done you :) xx

  3. Thanks for the kind comment! Embroidery is becoming a fun little craft for me.

    I completely agree with you on suicide, especially when you think about how devastated the people left behind are. Even when you're at rock bottom there is always something to keep living for.

  4. Thanks girls :D I really try to be entirely open with my thoughts, though sometimes I get a little hesitant. I'm glad it was uplifting <3


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